Transcending Visions

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Be a Healer, be in tune, or just be a better you


Next Event

Spiritual Self Defense Discussion

This is a free discussion concerning forces of nature that dwell around us.  It's a discussion centered around increasing awareness concerning spiritual realms, and what to do if ever you need help.  Through out this discussion proven ways to keep your energy safe will be shared, and certain classes may be suggested based on a case by case basis.  Bring your stories and share your experiences of the unseen.

Saturday August 30th 

9PM to 10PM Pacific Standard Time


Special Event

Empower Thyself Class

This is a real Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, which was used by King Solomon himself.  Through initiation special privileges are given to the initiate directly from higher unseen forces.  Have the power of Heaven behind you at all times.  Gain greater clarity in what you are meant to do with your life.  Become the person you were always meant to be and gain tools that will get you there.

Next time offered April 2015

Start time TBD

Price $650 


Understand the energetic properties behind the original language of GOD.  Take home with you something you'll use for the rest of  your life.

Use ancient rituals dating as far back as King Solomon to spiritually heal, protect, and seal.  Six practical uses of crystals that will change your life.

Experience what's it's like to gain direct contact with your inner self, and God.  Meditation brings balance and union with in ourselves.

This is a real initiation into the lineage of King Solomon.  With this initiation comes tremendous spiritual power that is amplified in all aspects of your life.  Understand the deeper teachings of Solomon in this experience that will change your perception of the world.


Usui Reiki 1,2, and 3 are offered to you here.  Heal yourself and others! Begin your journey as a healer and understand what it means to heal with your hands.

A series of specific tools designed to introduce you to your higher self.  This is the aspect of you that is constantly connected to God and spirit.  Gain a clear connection to heaven with out the risk of pollution.