Transcending Visions

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Awaken Thyself 

This is an introductory class designed to give you an experience with spirituality.  If you've never had an experience or some times question whether your experiences were real come to this class to gain clarity in this matter.  This is a wonderful class that will give those who are ready understanding of various paths and why each path is important.  

Tuesday June 9th 5PM

Price $55

Astral Travel

Different and safer than Astral Projection, in this class you'll discover a way to travel through out the universe any time and almost anywhere.  Travel to see the Akashic records to read from your own Book of Life.  See the wonders of the universe.  The world is wide open for you to discover.  

Price (separately) $100

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Sacred Geo 1

The first class of many on learning how to harness the building blocks of the universe.  This is a universal language that transcends religion, time, and space. Discover how to bring this power into your life for protection and holiness.  

Price (separately) $100

June 20th 

Location: 3520 Long Beach BLVD Suite 203
Long Beach CA 90807

Empower Thyself Initiation

With Theresa Bullard and Ben Sylvester

This is a real Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, which was used by King Solomon himself.  Through initiation special privileges are given to the initiate directly from higher unseen forces.  Have the power of Heaven behind you at all times.  Gain greater clarity in what you are meant to do with your life.  Become the person you were always meant to be and gain tools that will get you there.


June 27th

Start time 10AM

Price $650